3 Hobbies That Will Boost Your Modelling Career!

Modelling is an incredibly multi-faceted career and that means a whole assortment of skills is necessary to be great at it. Not only do you need to be healthy for the physical demands of shoots and being on your feet for hours at a time, but it also takes confidence, preparedness, professionalism and more. Here are some fun – (keyword: FUN!) – hobbies that will also help you be a better model, improve your confidence and expand your worldly knowledge.


1. Photography

Wouldn’t it be useful to know exactly what photographers are talking about when you’re at a photo shoot? Luckily, getting into photography is a lot more fun than simply reading a list of photography terminology! An understanding of photography basics will also make jobs a lot more fun because you’ll feel more involved in the whole process. An understanding and interest in photography will also help you perform much better when you’re in front of the camera rather than behind it because you’ll work with the photographers rather than against them once you know exactly what they’re asking for.

2. Reading

In this digital age, there are records of everything online. Take advantage of that and scour old fashion magazines. Not only will you learn a lot about the history of fashion and fashion modelling, but you’ll also get endless inspiration for new poses and looks! While it’s important to understand the history of fashion, it’s equally critical to get a look at where the future of fashion is going, and keep your mind on blogs such as this and you will see that staying up to date with models, designers and photographers of the moment is easy too if you make it a habit of reading fashion magazines and blogs.

3. Public Speaking

Now you may ask yourself why I have brought this one in our list as we know models won’t need to talk much but I believe public speaking can be one of the most powerful tools to have in your pocket for anything you do. Public speaking will help you to become comfortable in front of crowds and vastly improve your self-confidence and these are essential for models. If you can stand in a crowd and give a 5 minutes speech then it’s easy for you as well to walk down a runway or doing a photo shoot in front of a crowd of people.


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