3 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Watch!

Today someone complimented me with this words: “You have a nice watch, where did you buy it?” and I was to launch a big lie but I recalled that no gentleman should lie unless it is necessary mega important (just never lie) and in reply I said it is a gift from my girlfriend, it is just a quartz stainless steel watch and truth is I really haven’t realized the importance of watches in times where we look at our smartphones as much as we blink. But why wear a watch? Is it just for time? And is it really important?

Here is a short story:

The story of men wearing wrist watches started in World War I where soldiers tired of fishing around their pockets to find the ubiquitous pocket watch started wearing it on a bracelet on their wrists but until then, a watch worn on a bracelet was considered strictly women’s fashion and as time went on it become a norm.

But lately the wrist watches are slowly becoming obsolete since we live in the smartphone era so why should you wear a wrist watch when you can easily consult your phone for a quick time-check?

Here are 3 reasons why you should wear a wrist watch, I repeat these are 3 reasons why Ivan urges you to wear that wrist watch:


  1. Watches create a relationship with time

Since the days of the sundial (a device that tells the time of day by the apparent position of the sun in the sky) – men have been obsessed with devices that measure time – a reminder that our time is limited.

As I always say, time is the most important currency in our life (yes, better than Dollars…) and since the creation of the world, men are fascinated by these devices that claim to mark and control time and when it comes to me, wearing a watch has a positive effect on my attitude towards time. I am more attentive to how I spend my 24 hours a day.


  1. Watches are convenient

Phones don’t keep you punctual. Watches do. A wrist watch is the most convenient way to tell the time.

“I don’t need a watch because I have a phone” is a common response from today’s generation. Fishing for a cell phone on regular occasions just to check the time looks desperate.

A quick glance towards your wrist is a much classier way to keep tabs on time during a date or a meeting. Not to mention how rude it would seem to your companions if you pulled out your phone during a conversation or just imagine how those old ladies would look at you if you dare remove your cellphone in a funeral or wedding here in Kigali so my conclusion is that a watch is a much more subtle and convenient way to check time.


  1. Watches are stylish and classy

I was complimented because I was wearing a watch so you understand that little piece on your hand tells much about you.

In addition to helping wearers stick to their schedules, wristwatches make it easier for them to display their sense of style. They are a form of self-expression – reflecting hint of danger, adventure and sports depending on the make of the watch.

Watches can communicate a lot about the wearer’s personality. As the saying goes: boys look at their smartphones to check time – men look at a watch.

In conclusion, please get yourself a watch, a real good watch and I hope the next time you will be reading my post you will be having one on your wrist.


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