The ideas and opinions of people, from other parts of the world, about the African fashion matter. They either let us know where to improve or where we are towards the greatest success and fame in the fashion industry internationally. A trip abroad can make you learn clearly if African fashion can prosper around the world or not.

On a Tuesday in my precollege summer program at New Jersey Institute of technology, I wore a blue faintly transparent blouse with a Kitenge collar just to test if anyone would compliment it. At the end of the day 5 people including 1 boy had noticed that it was an African design and had loved it. It felt like they not only complimented me but the whole African fashion at large. The whole importance of marking an African identity in whatever you do and wear is that it makes you and your background shine among others.

I asked one of my classmates in that program what she knew about the African fashion, and she responded that she had seen some dashiki shirts and sadly doesn’t know where to buy them. All that made me blissful that at least people overseas know about us and are hungry to buy African fashion products. That’s when I knew we are touching the success and fame of our work in Fashion.

This is a goal that RWANDA CLOTHING is aiming at: fame and success… It wants to expand and be able to touch a large population and impacting them with fashion that reflects Africa as an inspiration.

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As part of the Youth I have chosen to contribute to the rise of the fashion industry in Rwanda by being a Fashion Blogger of RWANDA CLOTHING to give it a loud voice, and let people express themselves with their own fashion styles

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