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One thing that was very remarkable on the female models in the RWANDA CLOTHING fashion show on the 24th February 2017 was the impressive hairstyles. I like ponytails when it comes to hairstyles, that’s why I asked around for the person who was in charge of the hair. I was informed that all the praises are to “Marina Bella Natural Hair Salon & Cosmetics” here in Kigali. I couldn’t help but pay a visit to this salon.

Upon my arrival, I was warmly welcomed by Mrs. Alexanderia Haidara, the managing director of “Marina Bella Natural Hair Salon & Cosmetics”. First thing I noticed was the African style of the interior design of her salon. From the furniture to the décor, passing by the uniforms of her employees – everything was designed with an African touch. In this good atmosphere we had then an interesting conversation about her experience with the fashion show. Here is what she said about the show and the hairstyles:


What were your impressions about the last RWANDA CLOTHING fashion show?

I really enjoyed the show. It gave me a different idea about African fabrics and how to use them to have a modern look. It’s like a fusion between Western and African way of dressing. It was great and there were a lot of people there. We really enjoyed participating in the show by showing what we can do on the hair side, because hair is fashion too.

What went on when you were working with the models?

We spent some time with them at the salon. It was great to work with them, and some had already been to our salon before. They liked the work that we do, the reputation and the products we use.

How would you describe the hairstyle that you did with the models?

Joselyne of RWANDA CLOTHING wanted a high ponytail. We used extensions, straightened and sleek the hair to a high ponytail. Some of the girls had short hair, so we couldn’t do everyone a ponytail but the rest had long enough hair. They were looking really professional!

How was it working with RWANDA CLOTHING?

We’ve been open for a year and Joselyne was one of our first customers. We were always trying to figure out a way to partner. Then, one of her models told us that they were preparing a fashion show. I contacted them and told them I wanted to help with the hairstyles. Joselyne was very open and supported the idea, as it was a platform for us to show the work that we do. We had a good experience with them and I’d definitely want to work with RWANDA CLOTHING again in the future.


The professionalism and uniqueness that I witnessed at the salon left me with a sense of satisfaction. I am now thinking about taking my lady there for her next hairdo! I’m grateful that Alexanderia hosted me, hoping to see her amazing work again soon.


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Alexanderia is originally from Memphis, Tennessee in USA. “Marina Bella” is a natural hair salon that specializes in Twists, Hair Color, Braids, Locks and more. They also sell hair products from USA and Africa like Shampoo, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil etc.

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