An Iris in the Fashion Night Out

The Fashion Night Out, not in Milan, Paris or New York with Vogue but in Kigali with Collective Rw and not just any Fashion Night Out but an exquisite “Made In Rwanda Fashion Night Out” – the plain and pure designs of Rwandan designers.

I bet you would pay much to see all the big names in the fashion industry in a same venue, well it was free and you could go home with any product you fell for… from the beautiful dresses with kitenge details from RWANDA CLOTHING, long and classy coats from Rupari designs, the unique male shirts from Inkanda house, exquisite Imigogo crop top and other jewelries from Inzuki designs, the suitable and dressy shirts from House of Tayo, the lively long styling by Haute Baso, the flowery touch from Made in Kigali, the versatile creations from Sonia Mugabo and of course bespoke creatives from Moshions.

The event was a beauty, marked by the beautiful set of models standing in the middle of the whole set up being photographed and approached by potential buyers, fashionistas and curious-hands who were allowed to engage and touch to feel the fabric of the clothing. The night was friendly with music from the duo Charly and Nina and all smiles from designers who continued to sell their designs during the show.

The “Made In Rwanda” campaign has a beating pulse in the heart of the fashion industry in Rwanda with the cracking down of the second-hand clothes market, the solutions is in the hands of the Collective Rw and other local designers to fill that void and be able to conquer the regional and western market with products from our country.

Well, before I wish you happy holidays, my ratings on the show would be a 7/10 as being time-conscious seems to be a big problem and we are all tired with “The African Hour” which led to the show starting at 7:47 instead of 6:30. Please let it stay in 2016.

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