Suiting up? That’s very good but Charisma is everything out here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, be filled with attractiveness and charm and you will walk as if the sky is your umbrella, that force of personality and strength of character which inspires an instant crush to the charming being is everything.

Charisma is a certain quality of an individual personality by virtue of which he or she is set apart from ordinary men and women. Being charismatic involves paying careful attention to how you interact with other people; the traits that make up charisma are positive and appealing to others and with the character and personality that they show, people feel attracted to them instantly.


Here are few tips on how to be and appeal charismatic:

  1. Be well dressed, I bet you saw this coming… and yes anyone who wants to appeal as a charming being must be clothing well.


  1. Be confident, charming people are always confident in their talking, walking and in everything and all in a positive way, without being egotistical.


  1. Be intelligent, yes of course charismatic people aren’t just attracting people with their bodies but with their brains too as they must be effective in other domains.


  1. Be influencers, they must be assertive in order to make others really walk their way and be persuasive.


  1. Be optimist, yes try to look for what is good in other people and find their best qualities and they will definitely appreciate your effort.

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