This phrase has been in my DM on Instagram since I started sharing a modeling casting call from RWANDA CLOTHING and on my surprise a lot of people started asking me if they can feature in it and of course I replied that it is for models and many threw me then the “Can I be a model?”-Question. So let’s view now the issue in few lines.

Well… do you want to be one? – that is the main question. You are likely to hear that to be a model you need to be pretty, beautiful, tall and slender – in short: perfect. Well truth is, that this is important if you want to walk the New York, Paris and Milan sets.

However, if you do not fit these criteria of high fashion models, don’t despair as there are many other areas that you can work in successfully and lucratively as a model. The modeling industry needs all different shapes and sizes. It ranges from the models that are required for the runways of Paris and New York and even of our very own Kigali to those being seen in the background of TV commercials for example. You need to find the right fit for you and your place in the industry and don’t be afraid to try new modeling styles (go for Portraits, Catalog, Fitness etc.).

In short, there are over a hundred styles of modeling and you just have to find your niche and dive in. You should know what kind modeling you want to do and how bad you really want to invest yourself in it. When you know this, it’s much easier to start.


Here are some few tips to help you:

Work: Take care of your body and read about modeling.

Exposure: Use your Social Networks, create a portfolio and market yourself.

Walk: Go and search contacts of people in the industry and search for opportunities.


Now the ball is yours, please don’t forget to leave a question or just a hello in my accounts and stay safe and sound!

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