I met Christian Musingize, aka Chris, in the heart of town. He is a fashion enthusiast. In the past, he has modeled for an agency called PMA, which is based in Kigali. Currently, he is a vendor of electronic devices. His style is mostly casual. When we met, he was wearing a black jacket on top of a red-and-black checked shirt. A black Jeans and Golden sneakers complemented his style.

I asked him about what inspires him when it comes to fashion. He told me that he likes the color of black. And it was so obvious. He added that he doesn’t have a unique source of inspirations, that it just depends on what he has in the wardrobe. He also gets some ideas from Black Fashion’s Instagram page.

On fashion in Rwanda, he told me that a lot is yet to be done so that the industry might rise on an international level.

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