SPRING- Summer 2022


UMUTONI Collection

Spring-Summer 2022

A first look on our RWANDA CLOTHING’s UMUTONI Spring-Summer collection 2022.

About The Collection And The Photo Shooting

UMUTONI collection spring-summer 2022 is a mix of soft silks, Organza fabrics and tough materials like the blended cotton wool kikoyi from kenya. The inspiration for this collection come from the trip I had at lamu island in 2020 and the beauty I experienced at the lamu island beautiful colors, bright color combinations at the shores, now combined with our traditional black and white geometric patterns you get to have a different look, with flawy dresses and tufted jackets with Masai kikoyi pattern it is a rare mix but the combination brings something new, something never seen before. Something to look for UMUTONI couture collection this year.

Model- kalisa Winnie
accessories- last piece Jewery
videography-Meddy Saleh
Photographer- Franck axel