In October 2017 we opened our new RWANDA CLOTHING STORE for Accessories and Home Décor next door to our regular store which became too small and from where we took all the hand bags and other accessories to the new store and added a whole range of RWANDA CLOTHING home decoration products like pillow cases, table runners, napkins, etc. and also carpets.

Immediately our customers loved this new store and products and even those who haven’t bought clothes from us before came now just to shop at the new place. After a while customers started asking for more and so Joselyne Umutoniwase our RWANDA CLOTHING designer who have also designed all creations for the new store, developed a unique and very special collection of RWANDA CLOTHING furniture which is also an important component of that shop now.

Because developing and designing all those other products besides our RWANDA CLOTHING fashion collections takes a lot of time, we all and especially Joselyne have been very busy in those last months since opening the second store. We had high expectations to fulfill and wanted to present very new and special things in the new shop.


Thanks to Joselyne and her creative energy and inspiration and her very enthusiastic and professional way of working, RWANDA CLOTHING is now more and more becoming a lifestyle brand covering a whole range of beautiful fashion products not only to wear but also for living. This was our vision and dream six years ago when we founded our company RWANDA CLOTHING HOME Ltd. in Rwanda in February 2012: to produce fashion clothing and also fashion for your home, either as decoration or furniture, made in Rwanda and designed by Joselyne Umutoniwase.

The photo shooting for this ACCESSORIES COLLECTION 2018-1 took place in Kigali and included all the different products which RWANDA CLOTHING now designs and produces: fashion clothes and accessories, hand bags, jewelry, home decoration products and also furniture and carpets.

In the shooting we worked again with model Winnie Kalisa from Kigali who presented a new look with her natural and short hair which we liked very much.

The photographer in the shooting was Emily Enberg Parker from US and it was the first time for us working with her and a real pleasure! She brought new ideas to the set, discovered new poses and expressions and presented our products in a best light and with beautiful colors. This special atmosphere she created in her pictures also illustrates the mood which we had on the set with her: relaxed, professional and very inspired.

Thanks to you both, Winnie and Emily, for working with us and making this special collection of ours looking so beautiful.