2012 – 2017

Anniversary Collection



In February 2017 we presented our new collection for the Spring season 2017 which we called the “2012 – 2017 Anniversary Collection”. With this collection RWANDA CLOTHING celebrates 5 years of fashion made in Rwanda since we started our business in Rwanda in February 2012.

The SPRING 2017 collection is a “best-of”-collection, for which the RWANDA CLOTHING designer Joselyne Umutoniwase took all her most popular styles and cuts of the last five years and transformed them into a new updated contemporary design for 2017. This eclectic collection so creates a “Best-of-RWANDA CLOTHING-fashion design” taking all individual designs of the last half decade into consideration but brings them into a harmonic and coordinated union and gives them a new look by using different materials and fabrics than before. This collection is one piece of work and consistent in its styles and colors and through and through RWANDA CLOTHING and shows already the direction of the designs for the coming five years…


As a real “Best-of-RWANDA CLOTHING”-collection, SPRING 2017 logically so includes fashion for women, for men and for kids even though in the photo shooting for this collection only women’s clothing was presented as a consequence of our beginning in February 2012 where only fashion for women was produced at RWANDA CLOTHING.

But in the fashion show of the collection (see: SPRING 2017 – The Show) all designs were shown and it was the first time in the RWANDA CLOTHING history that we included kids models in a runway show. So finally after five years of producing fashion in Rwanda also our designs for kids made it to the catwalk stage.

One of the main materials of this collection is African linen. This rough and heavy textile in combination with hand-stitched embroidery and batik patterns – and in contrast to the shiny and light silk we used as well – was best suited to present the RWANDA CLOTHING look for the beginning of 2017: less Kitenge – more individual, natural and pure African-artistic.

Let’s celebrate our 5 years anniversary and be excited about what will come in the next five years until 2022! RWANDA CLOTHING will continue to design the future of fashion in Rwanda!

The photo shoot for the anniversary collection took place around the Akagera national park in the east of Rwanda. The idea for this location came very early when Joselyne started designing for our new collection. The Akagera area in Rwanda is typical for Africa and so this collection should become typical for RWANDA CLOTHING as well. Inspired by the colors in the park (the orange evening sun, the black burnt nature, the beige dry grass and white stones, …) and this very unique atmosphere there, Joselyne combined all designs and styles of the last five years and created SPRING 2017. RWANDA CLOTHING at its best!

We worked with Winnie Kalisa from Kigali for the first time as our model in an editorial shooting and are happy about the results. Thanks for standing and posing so long in the hot African sun and not being afraid of the wild animals in the park.

Photographer in the shooting was again Raphael Cardinael who is now the main RWANDA CLOTHING photographer and a good team member.

Thanks as well to everyone who supported this shooting and collection.