In this RWANDA CLOTHING Summer 2014 collection our head designer and Creative Director Joselyne introduced denim as a new material for our fashion clothes. Inspired by Jeans street wear, she combined African fabrics with denim fabrics.

We called it: The RWANDA CLOTHING DENIM collection


Had it been leather the last time which fascinated Joselyne in her designs, so was it now the rough denim material that won her interest. With this 2014 collection RWANDA CLOTHING for the first time crossed boundaries and made African street style a design topic. It became the example and statement of a new expression of Joselyne’s design: Very basic and young yet also elegant and sporty. And still very African, too.

Denim stands for quality materials which are able to resist and are used to create work and street wear but after this collection it became also a part of African fashion for us.

Like in the last collection Joselyne worked again together with Antoinette Twagirayezu to design the accessories for the Summer 2014 collection which included jewelry and belts.

In our last fashion show we had discovered Alexia, a young a very talented model from Rwanda and so we booked her for several more shooting. Finally with this shooting she became the new RWANDA CLOTHING face and contributed a lot to our growing popularity.

Photographer in this shooting was our designer Joselyne who understood it like no one else to set Alexia’s face perfectly in scene and took her strong and unique facial features on those photographs.