RWANDA CLOTHING was invited by the German Landesmuseum Koblenz to participate in an exhibition about Rwanda featuring female artists and artisans from Rwanda. The exhibition was organized by Mrs. Friederike Brinker and the director of the museum, Mrs. Brigitte Schmutzler, who met our designer Joselyne Umutoniwase when doing research in Kigali and got in contact with her.

So Joselyne created a special and very personal collection for this exhibition and went to Koblenz in June 2017 to present it. Besides our fashion as display items also the photos of this collection were shown on screens during the exhibition.

It was a very good experience for us working with Mrs. Brinker and Mrs. Schmutzler, traveling to Germany and participating in our first art exhibition at a museum.


For this art exhibition in Germany and the audience there, Joselyne wanted to create a special and different collection and made the SUMMER 2017 collection a very personal collection of hers. She called it “Childhood Memories” and it represented her growing up in Rwanda and her life as a child and young person with all influences and ideas she had when being young.

While designing the pieces for the collection Joselyne remembered what inspired her the time when she discovered fashion and her love for it. She mixed different styles of that time and combined it with contemporary fashion attributes to make this collection not only very personal and full of her memories but also looking very modern and having this unique RWANDA CLOTHING recognition value.

Since she was invited to present Rwanda and Rwandan art in a German museum, Joselyne felt that she would like to show there what made her becoming an artist and how her love for art was developed and this is what this collection stands for and expresses: the creative energy of a young Rwandan woman who remembers the time when she first fall in love with art.

The photo shoot of the SUMMER 2017 collection took place in Bonn in Germany and all photos were shown on screens at the Landesmuseum Koblenz.

Joselyne Umutoniwase who organized the shooting and was also the photographer, wanted to work with a German model since the German audience might better identify themselves with her clothes when presented by a local person and it would strengthen the recognition of our RWANDA CLOTHING fashion.

After getting in contact with some models, Joselyne chose Felicia Herschel to wear her creations and to be the representative of our brand for the exhibition cause she got immediately fascinated and inspired by her look and way of posing.

Thank you all for working with us and helping us in the shooting and the Rwanda exhibition at the Landesmuseum Koblenz.