That day I picked a beige pencil dress that fell above my knees. What was more to me than to feel womanly and casual on the day of my interview at FBW, an architecture firm? I was a girl… no, I mean a young lady that was taking a step ahead to touch a little side of her dreams. I had woken up to not just try, but to make things happen. This is not about my inner strength or determination. This is nothing other than the fashion mood a cloth gives me.

I had bought that dress during the festive season of 2015, but only felt ready to wear it this December on my interview day. This was going to be different than what I ever had. There was a feeling of facing a challenge, and I had to attack with a dauntless sword: my beige dress. The dress gave me a look of a grown and confident lady, and flaunting such a dress is also a lead to change. If that day was about taking on my drive, I had to wear something that made me feel fearless and fabulous.

Describe you as a person” she asked. The typical first question I expected. And I answered by the way I felt and I have no doubt the dress was sending responses through my skin. You give what you have, and maybe because I had the beauty and confidence the dress had given me, that’s exactly what I gave back to them. This dress hugged me into a daring and capable woman.

Don’t let your favorite dress just be a piece of cloth, let it be part of your biggest and most significant memory in your life. Your blue jeans can be more than just a relaxing part of an outfit; maybe you wore it the day you decided you can run after what you love the most. Maybe you chose that very pant for a reason.

How does your outfit make you feel? What does it change in you?

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