Ladies, we commonly talk about our own fashion, but ironically most of us got a thing for men with that type of hair style, wearing those types of shoes, fitting their torsos in that type of shirt, standing tall/short in them types of jeans. Whether you are into the typical bad boy that’s all about dangerous adventures, or the gentleman we all feel safe with, they attracted you or repelled you by what they wore when you first met.

We care about your looks too. We are not demanding shiny coats, detailed tops from you; we only want you clean, smart, and representing who you are and what we liked you for. The way you look may enforce us to wanting to know you deeply. When we step hand in hand in a party we want our friends’ mouth to go wide open when they see you. We are fully aware that most of men go with simplicity and perceive fashion as women’s world, but beware with the guy that has his style handled neatly because he might steal your girls’ eyes.

A man with a sense of style tells us something; he tells us that he takes good care of himself, his room is not a mess, and it would just feel so right to walk beside him. It’s not so hard to have some pair of jeans on your size, rich colored shirts that hugs your body right, and of course some tight T-shirts to show ladies your muscles. Men’s fashion is not difficult to adopt, it only asks them to stay clean and avoid chaotic colors in what they wear. Actually before you leave your room, spray on some fine cologne, and yes you are ready to turn heads.

RWANDA CLOTHING got you with men’s styles and they promise you that your girl is going to love it. Just as much as we are proud of being your ladies, we also want to be proud of your styles gentlemen.

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As part of the Youth I have chosen to contribute to the rise of the fashion industry in Rwanda by being a Fashion Blogger of RWANDA CLOTHING to give it a loud voice, and let people express themselves with their own fashion styles

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