There is something about nature that has created fashion itself. The color of the sunset, the allure of the autumn leaves and the lights that blow cities up. Everything that surrounds us is a source of inspiration to most designers.

We have seen amazing color combinations and pattern collections that designers use and thought it was just an imagination. Yes it is, but it all comes from what they once seen out in the world, in the streets, in a garden. Nature interacts with human beings at the point it even becomes a source of ideas for fashion and art. Some were inspired by the beauty of women’s body, the skin tone and the eyes; some the color of the sky at 5AM in the morning and the red full moon. The color mashup has always been an essential type of art when it comes to fashion; how relatable they are with the season and the suitable events themselves. African fashion has identified the most with natural colors like the brown of the tree branches, the green of the grasses and the animal skins (Impu). This shows how African designers fetch inspirations from what surrounds them with purity and originality.

Luxury and venues have also played a very important role in the designing field. Designers look at who they are designing for and get the inspiration even from the venues they expect the ceremonies to take place at. The consideration of the shining chandeliers in ballrooms and the type of event even if it is cultural or casual can be a focus for them. Designers play with each and every detail that influences their designs and end up creating what we call fashion masterpieces.

Joselyne Umutoniwase has been inspired by our culture and features that make up the beauty we have as Africans. Get inspired by what surrounds you to hit up the most artistic fashion of the time.

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