Is there anyone who knows your body more than you? Absolutely No, and that is a fact.

No one really knows you and not even your parents or partners – there will never be anyone who really knows the inner and outer you a hundred percent like you do and that is a very big asset that you have to cherish. So knowing your body better than anyone else gives you the title as the best stylist ever for yourself and no one can match your skills when it comes to clothing your body.

You can’t style yourself, if you aren’t in love with your body. Let’s go through two basic things to help you before start styling yourself:


  1. Embrace your best body features

You know which areas to flaunt and which to mask, maybe you love your legs more than your hands or believe your pretty face is more attractive than your waist or that your skin tone matches dark colours – what I simply mean is that the most important thing to do is to embrace your best features and value them more in your outfit.

  1. Improve your least liked body features

In the journey to discover your best features you also discovered those features that you least like on your body and those are the ones that you are set to work on. But how? Simple, work on them referring to your style, expectations and taste. Improve your haircut not basing yourself on a catalogue from Hollywood but on your style and figure. Not in good terms with your waist? Then hit the gym and improve it, you believe your smile is not beautiful then grab a mirror and practice that smile and improve it.


Now that you really like your body then go and style it as you wish and on your conditions.

Dear readers, stay safe and sound.

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