Ethical Values And Human Dignity

For us the social success of our fashion company and the brand RWANDA CLOTHING has always been as important as the commercial one.

RWANDA CLOTHING’s fashion design products are meant to be art and should represent the beautiful Rwandan and African culture worldwide but we furthermore always had the vision of creating jobs in Rwanda and supporting the Rwandan public.

Social impact of RWANDA CLOTHING and supporting Rwanda’s development as an emerging market are very important. Instead of having our brand in Europe and to find there cultural conditions which probably still offer better chances for a career as a creative fashion brand, we decided to stay in Kigali and to help creating a cultural change, to develop a real fashion scene and industry here and to give jobs to our fellow citizens. Therefore RWANDA CLOTHING HOME Ltd. was founded by Joselyne Umutoniwase and me as an authentic, independent, creative, innovative, ambitious and professional company with a strong sense of responsibility and environmental awareness as well as consciousness for ethical and moral business.

RWANDA CLOTHING HOME Ltd. shall be an example for respecting ethical values and human dignity

RWANDA CLOTHING HOME Ltd. shall be an example for respecting ethical values and human dignity and each and every decision our company makes must consider the consequences from an economic, social, cultural and ecological viewpoint and should contribute actively to the wellbeing and sustainable development of the local and global community.

Our compliance commitment extends to all matters including decisions relating to trade, investment, subcontracting, supplying, business development and in all other business and employment relationships.

We at RWANDA CLOTHING HOME Ltd. believe that ethical business conduct is the key to profits and a strong customer base. But for us, ethical business conduct does not only mean minimum legal compliance. We want also to be a leader in the African and international fashion business in terms of corporate social responsibility, actively promoting human rights and environmental protection. To achieve this is everyone’s responsibility at RWANDA CLOTHING and an integral part of managing our business and shall become our corporate identity and image.

RWANDA CLOTHING respects human dignity and promote human rights. We recognize, with the international community, that certain human rights should be considered fundamental and universal, based on accepted international conventions and practices, such as those of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Among those rights are: freedom from discrimination on any grounds; freedom from arbitrary detention, execution or torture; freedom of peaceful assembly and association; freedom of thought, conscience and religion; and freedom of opinion and expression.

We pay particular attention to upholding the human rights listed below:

– Health and safety
We foster a healthy working environment, working to protect employee health while ensuring occupational safety in order to avoid accidents or injuries.

– Harassment
We protect our members of staff from corporal punishment, from physical, sexual or psychological harassment, and from intimidation or abuse.

– Freedom of speech
The right to free speech and freedom of expression is both protected and upheld.

– Protection of privacy.
We respect the privacy and integrity of our employees and customers.

We want to contribute with RWANDA CLOTHING and our products positively to human rights, to the environment and want to enhance people’s lives and wellbeing and we are strongly committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and full compliance with all applicable national and international laws. This includes, for example, labor conditions, antitrust and promoting fair competition, prevention of bribery and corruption, good corporate governance, the protection and recognition of copyright, company assets and other forms of intellectual property.

RWANDA CLOTHING also upholds the eight core labour standards of the ILO (International Labour Organization). These standards are as follows:

– The prohibition of child labour, as per ILO Convention No. 138 (“Minimum Age“, 1973) and No. 182 (“Prohibition and Immediate Action for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour“, 1999).

– Prohibition of forced labour, as per ILO Convention No. 29 (“Forced Labour“, 1930) and No. 105 (“Abolition of Forced Labour“, 1957).

– The promotion (and where possible the assurance) of the same level of remuneration for men and women for work of equal value, as per ILO Convention No. 100 (“Equal Remuneration“, 1951).

– Insofar as legally permissible and feasible in the country of operation, respecting the rights of workers, as per ILO Convention No. 87 (“Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise“, 1948) and No. 98 (“Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining“, 1949).

– The prohibition of discrimination, as per ILO Convention No. 111 (“Discrimination (Employment and Occupation)“,1958). The scope of the prohibition applies in particular to discrimination based on an employee’s sex, race, disability, ethnic or cultural origin, religion or worldview, or sexual orientation.

We at RWANDA CLOTHING will never use child or forced labor. We will never tolerate treatment or working conditions that are in conflict with international conventions and practices.

We encourage our values at work, promoting teamwork, individual responsibility, and the strength that comes from diversity

All our RWANDA CLOTHING employees must respect and encourage our values at work, promoting teamwork, individual responsibility, and the strength that comes from diversity. It is the responsibility of each employee to promote our corporate code of conduct and the philosophy behind our brand.
We always strive to pay fair compensation and provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees. We are committed to equality of opportunity in all our employment practices, policies and procedures. Job requirements fulfilled, no employee or potential employee will receive less favorable treatment than any other.

RWANDA CLOTHING complies with the applicable provisions for environmental protection. We adopt an eco-friendly policy regardless of our place of business which includes minimizing use of energy, supporting sound take-back and water protection. We do not use endangered species for any business purpose, and furthermore insists that our suppliers avoid raw material procurement from an origin where there is animal rights abuse or a potential negative impact on the environment which is not being addressed properly. We do not use fur or fur products for our production.

RWANDA CLOTHING and its employees will not pay nor offer to pay bribes or illicit payments to government officials or candidates, or other parties, in order to obtain or retain business. We do not provide financial support to political parties or other political groups.

We also believe as a matter of course that business partners are to be treated fairly. Trade secrets and details of third-party business are handled with due care and confidentiality.
But RWANDA CLOTHING also requires its business partners, subcontractors, or suppliers to comply with applicable laws and regulations. We encourages our partners, subcontractors, or suppliers to strive beyond legal compliance in areas such as governance, human rights and the environment.

RWANDA CLOTHING considers the interests of the customer in our business activities as one of its most important parts. We ensure that our products present no health or safety hazard when used and that every product of us has been produced in consideration of our strict ethic and quality principles. We choose the materials for our products and produce with the highest care and attention.

RWANDA CLOTHING encourages its customers when possible to share its ethic and moral principles and to follow its way of good conduct. We believe that a better world for all of us can exist.

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