African empires have had their own marks in their clothing ways. It was commonly jungle like. It was a pure sense of culture that was unmixed or impurified by any other culture from overseas. Is it worth it for the African Designers to stay holding on the African native fashion?

It is a true opinion that the Amasunzu hairstyle was a masterpiece from the ancestors of Rwanda. It was an original and creative piece of art that solidified the native Rwandans’ beauty. It naturally distinguished a Rwandan from any other person from another background. This is a sign that from a long time ago, Africans had a potential for creativity while marking their identities in how they look like. This is why African designers ought to trust in the taste of African Fashion and hold on to it.

There is nothing better than marking a unique Identity, with which anyone would identify you and distinguish you from any other. And Africa at large will need to cling on its native cultural clothing to draw a sign of what an African fashion is. Even though civilization has favored us in making more than we could have made with only animal skins, designers would better not try to imitate what Alexander McQueen does, because there will always be one Alexander, and it will be like hiding yourself in someone’s shadow while that person is in the spotlight of fame. We have choices today, and we can make the best out of it. We can stay cultural or we can even mix cultures.

RWANDA CLOTHING has started the journey of building a good name for the African Fashion. Help it become one of the best well known Fashion Brands that will help Rwanda and Africa at large become iconic in the fashion industry.

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