“Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age” those words are of the late Pope John XXIII in the earlier 1960’s and they very much apply to clothing brands as some turn into vinegar and others embrace their cellaring journey beautifully.

Since we have started on an aging and improving note, let’s view one that is celebrating both and that is RWANDA CLOTHING which is officially a half-decade old. I stress on officially because this brand’s history goes far beyond that and for the pleasure of your eyes just click “here” to read more about this marvelous brand.

It is with “this” dream that Joselyne Umutoniwase started RWANDA CLOTHING and now 5 years later a good customer care and keeping in touch with their clients throughout the creating process is their way of doing business.

Just like wine that grows majestically with time developing a stronger aroma, initially deep purple, turns reddish, then slightly orange, then dull brown. The aging of the wine brings up new flavours and textures and RWANDA CLOTHING promises innovative fashion ideas that are authentic and genuine and vows to bring new African design influences to the fashion market which consists of very fresh, beautiful, feminine/masculine and colourful designs combined with up-to-date styles and cuttings and all of that to satisfy their customers.

“The satisfaction of our RWANDA CLOTHING customers motivates us to work even harder in order to fulfill all their high expectations, and we are proud to have such customers because they’ve made RWANDA CLOTHING the fashion brand that we want to be.” said Euphron Nshimyumuremyi who is their Assistant Store Manager in Kigali.

I would really write a lot about RWANDA CLOTHING but I am leaving a map for you here so you can also enjoy the adventure and if you are lost ask rwandaclothing.com but meanwhile let’s get a Cabernet Sauvignon, pop the cork and Cheers to 5 years!

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