“Wow! Very good photos! I wish I’d look like this on photos.” Have you ever been complimented with those or similar words? In my case yes and it is always a pleasure when I get such feedback because people are now seeing the result of the efforts that I invested to improve my “behind the camera game”. Yes, one doesn’t wake up and is photogenic all of a sudden. Looking good on pictures is an art that requires a lot. But I have collected 3 main points that will help you to look more photogenic:


  1. Know yourself! This is very important if you want to look good on pictures. You should know your body more than anyone else and be ready to reveal your best points which make you beautiful and also know your unattractive sides and hide them very well. Knowing your body will help you discover the poses that will make you look charming in the picture.

Example: You know you recently lost some teeth maybe due to an accident and at work there is a group photo session coming soon. So would you smile in the picture even if they ask you to do so? I believe your answer is a big NO.

Exactly, know your assets and use them to look good in pictures.


  1. Use a good device! I have decided to use the term “device” to include all the electronic machines able to pull out a nice picture of you and this very much includes modern phones which are really built with absolutely amazing photo-capturing functions. No one is really photogenic if the picture is not even clear or simply blurred. Use a really good device to take your picture and don’t worry even if you don’t own the Canon D7100 but think about the camera when you decide to buy a smartphone.

Example: I don’t own a camera and my smartphone is just a Samsung J3 but I compensate that by creating good connections with photographers and also with photo studios. And why shouldn’t you try this as well?


  1. Look good! This words go far beyond just your clothes but also includes your haircut, shoes, nails, skin, etc. and simply means that if you are to go in the front of the lens, make sure you classify yourself into the “beautiful princess” category or as the “charming prince”. Looking good also envelopes the fact that you need to be in a beautiful spot.

Example: I personally like suits but it’s very hard to find a good spot for an outdoor (outside) photo session when someone is in a suit. So I make sure I invest myself in a good indoor (within the studio) shoot.


And as I told you a bit earlier: get to know photographers if you really love photos and always continue to develop your photogenic skills.

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