Unless you are in the Caribbean’s or on another planet, here comes the cold weather of December. Snowy or not, what rhymes with cold weather? Yes… hot and warm clothes. Those gifts from grandmothers and those old aunts,… we all love Sweatshirts, Sweaters, Pullovers, Hoddies and Rain Coats or simply that whatever to keep us warm.

But most of the men don’t find them gentlemanisque and ladies are afraid that they will look super huge fat in them – but people, these are really good and important during these cold days. But there are some “must rules” to follow. Which are they?

You want cover yourself and still look good and well dressed. Here are your 5 tips:


1. If it looks Old then NO

Yes, it is from grandma but doesn’t look old so YES, but if it is worn out then don’t you dare put it on and simply remove it from your closet.

2. Must fit

Unless you are a lady putting on your man’s sweater in a movie then you can do it but in real life NO, as fit is always right, go and wear what fits you.

3. Very Casual

For hangouts, evenings with friends or going in a Safaris YES, don’t wear them on a Monday for the 8 hours of work in the office or they will suggest you psychiatric services.

4. Details

Always mind the details, be it the brand name or the additional cap just be sure you like it as a whole because those details are observed too.

5. Something beneath

NEVER and NEVER wear sweatshirts or worse put on a Rain Coat without anything beneath, be it a T-Shirt or anything else.


The well dressing art matches the weather too, so go and put on that Rain Coat and you will definitely look good.

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Stay Safe and Sound.

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