It is identifiable that you are classy or sassy by what you mostly wear. This is something inevitable; your eyes will choose for you according to your usual mind setting, and it is not a problem at all unless you do not know how to make your identity and style match appealingly. Your style is your personality image, and you can make your personality your own style.

A person has a combination of characters that makes him/her the person he/she is and by that you will buy what is seemingly your best taste. But whenever you try to diverge from what is made for you to what your best friend wear, it will all fall apart. Fashion takes it from just about clothes to being part of a behavior. You take a long classic dress that your bubbly character will not flaunt it the right way, and then you are messing up both your style and your traits. It is an essentiality to know who you are for you to know what to wear. Be stylish but stay yourself. Some people mostly mistake when they think that what looks good on others looks good on them too. Actually knowing yourself is the key to looking good and yet being you.

Make a wardrobe of your own self. Know what you like and what you don’t like as well as what makes you feel more beautiful rather than what makes others beautiful. Don’t hide your personality in clothes that don’t reflect you; Better be proud of who you are to mark a pride in your style. With that self-awareness know what to buy, and what to get to your tailor. Let’s take a good example from a descent, classic, traditional African woman; she‘d better be wearing a rich colored straight below-knee dress, with short or long tight sleeves and African print (Kitenge) portions on the dress edges. The height of the dress would show her decency, her dress sleeves would demonstrate her maturity, the rich colors display her class and the African print claims her tradition. She can also stun her legs in Louboutin shoes for being more feminine. This woman will not only wear for herself but she will also wear for the world because even people around her will know how to approach or talk to her.

RWANDA CLOTHING knows how to flourish your personality and your desires in a style. You can not only buy from their store, but you can also let the tailors know your will. Their skills will stimulate you to a point of coming back the next day for more. Let them know what you want, who you are, and what makes you feel chic and they got the rest in their hands.

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As part of the Youth I have chosen to contribute to the rise of the fashion industry in Rwanda by being a Fashion Blogger of RWANDA CLOTHING to give it a loud voice, and let people express themselves with their own fashion styles

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