Rare are times that you meet a walking pearl of fashion on the street and I was lucky to meet one in my escapade of blogging in the middle of the street of Kigali, more precisely in the “Downtown-Car Park” of our so special African city.

Her exquisite smile isn’t only beautiful and warming but also welcoming as she makes it easy to be approached and talked to and that’s something rare in iconic figures. I believe everyone in this country knows the Uwase Rangira D’amour who represented the Eastern Province and went home crowned as the 3rd runner-up in the Miss Rwanda 2016.

The 1m76 lady was born in 1997 and she shared her style and love of fashion with fashionrwanda.com

Miss Rangira describes her style as “African-rooted” with love of local fabrics. She was wearing a short Kitenge dress when I met her and she told me that she chooses her style depending on what she judges appropriate for the place she is gracing on that day. She believes that on a sunny day, a lady should be wearing casual and simple clothes with sandals on her feet plus sunglasses.

She expressed her appreciation for the government’s initiative of “Made in Rwanda” and believes it will benefit designers even more and she would love to see Rwandans learn to love and buy what is locally made and also to see local products being exported on international markets thus show the world what we have.

The passionate Uwase revealed to me that she doesn’t really know a lot of designers but names like Rupari, Gucci Tanga, Sonia Mugabo and Moshions have crossed her ears and also heard from friends that RWANDA CLOTHING are having a show soon. She continued telling me that she keeps updating herself on new trends and styles and that leads to the fact that she always needs to visit a lot of shops to find what she really loves – so while you are doing your shopping you may bump into her.

Miss Uwase Rangira D’amour who uses “Damzy” on her Instagram is an example of a fashion enthusiast who keeps hunting for the perfect outfit daily as the sun rises and I am thankful she shared a portion of her life with us.

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