Tall and handsome are two words that describe Elysée, a gentleman that I met few days back. He passed by RWANDA CLOTHING Store, and we had a talk. He is 20-years-old, with a Rwandese nationality. He is doing a modeling career in a local agency and also runs a shop.

He had put on tight jeans, a gray t-shirt, leather shoes and a colorful jacket made from RWANDA CLOTHING. He told me that he likes to dress casual or classic wears, depending on the destination. He gets his inspiration from different people, like media personalities, artists and even from regular people on the streets, but mostly picks styles that are classic. His favorite designers are Moses Twahirwa and Fancis Zahabu.

I asked him about RWANDA CLOTHING, and he said that he appreciated the way clothes are designed with a local touch, using local materials.

As someone who is involved in fashion, I asked him how he sees it and what he thinks of its future. He replied that people are really stylish even though the industry itself is not advanced. He added that some people are creative on their own, that they combine clothes from here and abroad and come up with various good styles. He believes that the future of the fashion industry is promising because the youth is getting involved, and the future lies in their hands.

I agree with Elysée, the industry is in our hands. That’s why this blog is there: to showcase how stylish we can all be and to promote our own styles and brands.

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