After a period of hibernation, here we are again with highlights from the street. When walking through the city of Kigali, one doesn’t notice only the majestic buildings that are rising, but also people with a variety of clothing styles with vibrant colors. That mixture makes our city attractive. This time, I met Sarah Uwase, a 19 years old girl with a distinctive sense of fashion.

Though she’s not a professional model, her clothing choices are clearly appealing to the eye. She’s of mixed origins, with a Rwandese father and Congolese mother. She’s finishing her secondary studies soon.

Sarah describes her clothing preferences as ‘stylish and comfortable’. She likes African style that makes her comfortable and ‘allow her to breathe’. I admired how she combines African fabric and modern style in a unique and pleasant way.

I asked her about local designers that she knows and, without hesitating, she replied that she praises RWANDA CLOTHING’s product line. Besides, she admires other designers like Cedric Mizero, and internationally recognized Coco Chanel and Gucci.

Her wish is that the public would be willing to embrace the African styles in their regular clothing choices. Local designers should also seek to produce products that satisfy the local market.

On the future of fashion in Rwanda, she said that it is promising because the government is supporting actively locally made products through “Made in Rwanda” campaign.

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