I invited model Sharon to Kigali to have the photo shooting for my new RWANDA CLOTHING collection with me.

She lives in Kampala, is 22 years old and studies Graphic Design. We became friends and spent good days together in Kigali. Her beauty and style inspires me and working with her as a fashion model is very professional. She knows exactly what I want her to present on my photos and the way she moves and poses her tall and trained body is fabulous.

On the day I took photos with her for the blog we went to Kigali downtown together for shopping for the shooting. I wanted to show her a bit around since it was just the second time of her being in Rwanda and we had to find good shoes for her to wear in the shooting.

It was a pleasure meeting you again, Sharon and thanks for the good time we had together in Kigali. Working with you is great!

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