Many agree that Kigali is a beautiful city. People here are stylish, which only add to the beauty of the city. In the quest of street styles, I met models Leslie and Lynca in the heart of the city. We toured the city, explored places and venues and took some pictures. Afterwards, we sat in a coffee shop, where I got to know them better.

Akimana Leslie and Rutagarama Lynca are models by profession. Leslie, 19 years old, is Burundian while Lynca, 18 years old, is Rwandese. At the first sight, I noticed that their style has a lot to do with jeans. Both were wearing blue jeans, pink tops and casual black shoes. Lynca had a floral print shirt with long sleeves, and a colorful bag made in Kitenge fabrics. Leslie had a colorful scarf, made in kitenge as well. Both the bag and scarf are products of RWANDA CLOTHING.

When asked about their preferences in terms of fashion, they both confirmed that they prefer jeans, because that it is the most freeing style one can wear. However, Leslie told me that she always try to be unique. Leslie added that she likes to be natural, and she likes styles that have a masculine look.

I also asked them about fashion in Rwanda, as people who are directly involved. Lynca said: “the level of fashion in Rwanda is pleasant compared to where we came from, but should be better. I am glad that international stakeholders are coming, and local designers are participating in international scenes.” Leslie told me that local designers should be more innovative, take more risks, and design styles that attract the public, especially the youth.

It was a pleasure to host Leslie and Lynca, and their responses were really insightful for our fashion industry. I am looking forward to discover more fashion enthusiasts who have a good taste of style to share with our readers.

Model Leslie

Model Lynca

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