My Veni, Vidi, Vici as a Model

I came, I saw, I conquered… said Julius Caesar in year 47 BC after winning the Battle of Zela and yes, models also have their battle and in this article I am sharing mine which I titled as “My Veni, Vidi, Vici”.


  1. The “Veni”

Translated as “I came”. In Rwanda there are no such things as agents or model management companies which do all the findings and paperwork for us models. So instead every model needs to update her- or himself about any possible casting call and any other modelling related opportunities.

In my case I am lucky that I have friends at RWANDA CLOTHING so I was notified of their casting and as any other model I showed up and was casted with hopes of being selected for the event.

So it is really important for models in Rwanda to keep informing themselves and follow closely the growth of the industry and one way of doing that is by keeping in touch with the social media accounts of clothing brands and designers.


  1. The “Vici”

Translated as “I Saw”. All models would love to scream out that they were selected for this show I’m talking about here and if you have been chosen, this is the moment then when you have to make some changes in your agenda.

I called this part “I Saw” because I used this phrase a lot few days after leaving the casting, when every model I know was asking me if I saw a text message by RWANDA CLOTHING saying that I was picked to perform and I was like “Yeah, I saw it – I have received it!”

Helas! Seeing the message is not enough, you have to make some changes accordingly like freeing your time for rehearsals and fittings, and in my case I also did the following:

– I had 4 gym sessions just to flex the muscles

– I had to do some jogging and stretch my lazy legs a little bit

– I had to practice my runway poses to pull out a unique pose for the show

Depending on the importance that you attach to your modelling carrier you will need to work really hard off the lights.


  1. The “Vici”

Translated as “I conquered”. Yes… Hearts, Smiles, Lenses and Money are to be conquered by a model. Here we are talking about the day of the show where you have to be perfect for your role.

In my case, I arrived at the venue 2 hours before the show, rehearsed with other models, took some photos and performed. One thing that I loved is that models were paid straight after the show and they all went home satisfied.

Another thing I realized is that modelling for a brand is not just about being in front of the spotlights and cameras – you are part of their show and their team and as a brand’s representative your work is also to talk to people who came to the show, say thanks to the designer and all the staff that helped in preparing the show and so on…that is called “Good Manners” and doing your work as a model well.


In concluding this tale, you may have realized that I am not as good as the ancient Roman writers were when telling the stories of Caesar but it’s always good to tell stories and so please also share with me your stories and get in touch with me on my social network accounts. Stay safe and sound.

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