Many years ago, a man named Bill Blass was about to go in a party with friends and after a deep stare in his wardrobe for long he decided to opt for reddish clothes and later quoted: “When in doubt wear red”. Well readers, to me that’s a fashion mantra.

I believe we all have witnessed in-love-toddlers sharing a red rose or double taps resulting in red hearts and have heard of those who auctioned their souls for a place on a Red Carpet. In fashion, red clothes have this instinct and beautiful effect on both the wearer and people who see them as they attract attention and beautify their environment. Take red, crown it with black and flourish it with colourful leaves and call it a dress, beautiful isn’t it? Yes and that’s a RWANDA CLOTHING new creation, a masterpiece of Joselyne Umutoniwase who worked with the best brand in the African fabric industry – VLISCO, and elegantly designed, made “The VLISCO Collection 2016” which is inspired from the beauty and allure of mother nature.

The dress is daring creation with an Igitenge-made-of bottom covered of flowery leaves accentuated with a yellowish touch and white stripes which form sun rays and radiates between black and red lines, the upper part is marked by a long neck black addition which leaves an oval opening at the back and a beautiful design on the arms for a flair for the spectacular with spring colours.

This timeless chic dress to posses can beautify any lady with it’s loose fitting and modest look it can be worn for dressy or casual situations and perfectly fits an accentuated waist or a graceful slim silhouette and at the RWANDA CLOTHING STORE we also provide you the accompanying garments and accessories.

This dress is just one piece of our amazing and lavishing collection, meet next time for a view and wordy taste of our VLISCO Collection 2016. Stay safe and sound.

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