We have mentioned designers, fashion brands, styles from over seas, but RWANDA CLOTHING is near to us for the best. Through her magnificent design work, Joselyne Umutoniwase, the founder of RWANDA CLOTHING, is taking her fashion line on another level, and we can not wait to see how it will grow all over Africa and around the World.

It is becoming trendy with her most well-known Kitenge designs, and weaved jewelry. Her fashion designs combine modern and African tradition culture together to make unique styles. RWANDA CLOTHING is giving a promising growth of Rwandan fashion industry. Fashion in Rwanda is about to get to an unlimited peak of fame and reputation. It is growing day by day, as a number of people is choosing to buy the made in Rwanda clothes over the Nylon dresses from Italy.

RWANDA CLOTHING will be the hope and motivation of many talented designers who are afraid to show off. It will be able to let our Celebes wear what was made from where they got the most fans, Rwanda, hence being at the advertising side like the population models. This will be a pride for Rwanda at last and a change in its fashion history. This is a fashion evolution.

Don’t you think RWANDA CLOTHING may be your next favorite Fashion Brand?

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As part of the Youth I have chosen to contribute to the rise of the fashion industry in Rwanda by being a Fashion Blogger of RWANDA CLOTHING to give it a loud voice, and let people express themselves with their own fashion styles

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