There are two women inside an undefined woman, and sometimes fashion is the key to open one of the women’s mouths to start talking, walking, living with sassiness, a fun synonym of boldness. Here I am talking to women that are ready to take their liveliness in every thread of their outfits.

Scroll down. Look at every part of her body: her arms, her legs, her head and chest, suited so well in that dancing dress. There is a whole life in the woman that it can chock every man and inspire every woman. So much sassiness in that masterwork, that it defines her inside out. Maybe the eyes of the model would not be enough to portray the energy within her, but the flying strands down her dress is a total bliss to draw it on her body.

Bold women may walk in silence and let the loudness of their fashion talk to you. Let that RWANDA CLOTHING product from the Summer 2016 collection talk to you straight about what a full spirit enclosed in an outfit looks like. That is the kind of outfit that makes you kiss with vigor and delight as it looks detailed and having so much going on.

Taking on a party, running away to freedom and so many risky things, is what that dress is begging you to do. And it suggests it is also fine to slap the strands in your haters’ faces. If your chest is almost bursting with sassiness, as your legs can’t stand sleeping on the ground, fly to RWANDA CLOTHING STORE and get it in your bag. Let that piece of cloth sag down your legs with sassiness.

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As part of the Youth I have chosen to contribute to the rise of the fashion industry in Rwanda by being a Fashion Blogger of RWANDA CLOTHING to give it a loud voice, and let people express themselves with their own fashion styles

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