Red embodies passion, as much as fashion can spell emotions. Despite the natural sources of inspiration designers use to create, the heart sometimes rules the art of fashion. Whether it’ s desire, love, anger or mystery, every color, every textile, every print will sink deep into the eyes and will electrify a certain emotion either in the person wearing the designer’s masterpiece, or the person watching you move in it.

There is always a reason why people identify a short tight skirt to be sexy or hot. There is, in that sense, a show off of something that plugs in a certain feeling in the person viewing it. Might be that the woman’s legs are beautiful (ikibero cyiza) and she wears the skirt so well that you may think it was designed mainly for her. The fashion of that skirt either made a man staring at her burn with desire, while it only made the woman wearing it tread with pride and confidence because she feels beautiful in it. Fashion is able to create much more than just a style of a piece of cloth; it is able to create a feeling in both the viewers and the owners, and maybe that feeling was the one that even the designer had when he/she was designing it and allowed it to sink in as an inspiration.

Fashion tells more than just how a cloth fits you well enough to walk on the streets, and be called pretty or handsome or hot (ikizungerezi); it tells about what feeling you want to give to the world around you, and it is much similar to the feeling the designer wanted to offer the people. As much as the season affect the environment, fashion is also more likely to affect people’s feelings towards you. Put on a suit and get on the professional walk with an All-about-business look, and see how people start seeing success in you with respect. You are giving the world a sip of motivation and the Work-hard minds. It is like you are being a messenger of the designer. You are passing a letter that the designer wrote when he was making that suit.

Whether you want to make eyes turn with thrill in them when you wear your yellow cocktail dress, whether you want to let your mystery and elegance rule by wearing ten shades of black, there is a story the designer wanted to share when he/she slipped a pencil on a paper to draw that cloth. It is the sentiment you are sliding in the people around you that inspired the designer.

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