It is not only in shops of high standards that you find the best of styles in Kigali. So if your pocket is not huge, don’t worry about it; you can still be your best stylish self. Most fashionable people have been stereotyped of being wealthy, but today we want to prove them wrong by spending less and yet wearing the best.

Make a list of what you need. It is very familiar to step in clothes shops or markets without having any idea of what you want. This will make you get tempted to buy clothes you don’t need just because they look good, and later regretting why you wasted your money. Know what you want and make a list of it on a piece of paper and the amount of cash you expect it cost. This will help you to pay less and get the clothes you need the most.

Set an idea of the outfit that can look great on you and buy its components separately. Clothing shops of high standards usually sell outfits with their matching pieces all at once (for example, a blue blouse and its black matching skirt). But it doesn’t feel great when you come across a person that is wearing the same outfit as you on the street, does it? So it is better to design for yourself and make something different. Buy the black tight skirt alone elsewhere, and find a soft and relaxing Kanga top that would match with your other Massai sandal you left home. This outfit would be simple and more affordable, yet making you trendy.

Expensive clothes don’t make a person stylish because style is an art. The way you match or mix colors, the way you choose outfits and the personality you engulf in it are what make up a style. You can spend less, and wear best with RWANDA CLOTHING too, as it designs unique clothes of people’s choices and ideas at an affordable price. It guarantees a great approach on people’s taste as it adds the talent of its tailors. You will not regret being a client of RWANDA CLOTHING.

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