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After almost two and a half years remaining with our old website – the last one we launched in September 2013 – and several efforts to renew, restructure and rebuild it, we finally decided to build and launch a complete new website which develops further the simple black and white graphic design and user-friendly layout of all the sites we have had before. version number 4 is going to be launched

One of our goals for 2016 is to have a successful online store to satisfy better the customer’s demands outside of Rwanda. At RWANDA CLOTHING we really care about our customer’s satisfaction and to give the best service to everyone who wants to buy from us. We have an established and well functioning system of the service we provide to customers in Rwanda who come to buy at our RWANDA CLOTHING STORE Kigali: very friendly and well prepared staff members in the store, a great team of tailors, designers and assistants at our RWANDA CLOTHING FACTORY which is next to the store and that offers best service for all custom-made issues of our clients – but as soon as someone wants to purchase RWANDA CLOTHING outside of Kigali we began to struggle a lot in dealing with producing items on demand for someone we don’t know and whose measurements we have never taken, with processing the payments, delivering the items to the customer and sometimes even with legal issues as for example guarantees, a good return policy and so on.

The new online store on

To fill the gap and to sell online we have tried several ways of including an online store in our business, worked with some online platforms for testing purposes, had meetings with other businesses in Rwanda to see if some cooperation in selling online can help us and we discussed with web designers and searched for ideas how to integrate an online store in our existing website. After some trials with not convincing results, we then decided to build a complete new website for our brand which from the beginning on will already include the store and where the store and the possibility to buy our products is already fully integrated in all functions and is linked to all other sites, posts and pages. This has now to be achieved with – version 4 which we now started to build.

We also took decisions regarding the idea we had before in having two separated and independent websites for RWANDA CLOTHING. When we started now in beginning of 2016 the project of renewing the RWANDA CLOTHING online presentation, there still existed two websites of ours: first the website for our company RWANDA CLOTHING HOME Ltd. and all related business issues and second the website which was addressed to the end-consumer and presented our RWANDA CLOTHING fashion brand and which was meant to create the brand’s image and identity. This distinction between the two websites we had from the beginning of our business in February 2012 and thought it might be a good idea to have on the one hand side a special designed website for prospective business partners and on the other side a site which targets potential clients and end-consumers who are less interested in our business data.

Finally now after being in business for four years we came to the conclusion that there is no need of having a web presentation to business people. Not that they are not interesting for us – even though we have never really had contact to them – but we have always been convinced that it is better to make all decisions on our own, to be not dependent on anyone else’s money, so to finance our business from our income and profit, to better grow slowly but in a way we can control it and to finally be 100% able to use our full creative potential without any limitations for the benefit our our customers. In the end this is what only counts for us: our customers and how we can make them happy with our fashion designs. So that is why we only need one website for our customers and we now decided to give up on completely and just make it a forwarding page to our new We do business for our customers – that is what only counts for us.

We will continue our journey to become one of the best and most popular African fashion brands with a new and better version of our website, an integrated online store and full concentration only on our customer’s needs. The site will be launched in beginning of March 2016 and we hope you – as our customer or future customer – will like it. If there is anything we can do better for you or if you have any tips and ideas how to improve, please let us know on

We are always happy to help and hear from you.

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