Who cares about fashion at home? You all want to stay comfortable, and think less about how you look like, unless you are going to dress up and make up for selfies in the lightest spot next to the window in your room to just post them on Instagram.

Mostly at home, you get dressed for the sake of not staying naked. Most of Rwandese women wear a T-shirt and wrap up a Kitenge at the bottom, men are mostly in sports shorts and trousers and T-shirts, and girls wear the kind of short skirts and dresses their mothers will not let them step out the gate wearing. But what if all these types of clothes worn at home were made more fashionable, but yet still as comfortable as they have to be?

What you dress at home can still be a type of style. Fashion senses must not depend on time, place or other people. Anyone that cares about fashion would still bring his/her tastes of style even in what he/she wears at home just to sit and watch TV all day. You do not always have to dress up nicely just because you are going to be seen out in the streets; you can still dress up for yourself at home. Bring a Kitenge you wrap down to RWANDA CLOTHING, and let them make a maxi relaxing skirt for you that will last longer than the one you almost tear when you are trying to wrap it to fit on your waist. And If you wear baggy shorts or pants, wear a tight tank top or t shirt.

Staying stylish even at home will keep your energy and great mood up. It is such an easy task if you give it attention. RWANDA CLOTHING can make you easy and comfy clothes for home. Stay flawless wherever you are.

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