Rwanda Clothing is a Fashion and Home-Decor Production and Boutique , in the heart of Kigali. Rwanda Clothing ltd started in 2012 by Joselyne Umutoniwase aiming to offer well tailored special pieces and customized clothing made in Rwanda by Rwandans.
The company started with two tailors and today 10 years later has fourty-five full time and more than 50 part time employees from different associations of women especially for our home décor pieces.
Rwanda clothing Ltd has two showrooms in kigali and a production space in kigali.
The company has a solid foundation and successful growth curve. The brand is becoming well known not only within Rwanda, but also across Africa and  the world. It is a global brand.
Joselyne Umutoniwase’s passion for clothing has helped so many people to discover the Creative industry and also how it can help to grow the economy and changes lives.
Today Joselyne Umutoniwase continue to create and inspire the young generation and also train young designers who want to be part of the change.
When you support the brand by purchasing our products you become an ambassador of change and growth in our community.
We thank you.


Women's Fashion 30%
Men's Fashion 15%
Accessories (Women & Men) 10%
Kid's Fashion 5%
Home Decor 40%

With its brand world, RWANDA CLOTHING targets three different consumer groups of women’s and men’s fashion clothing as well as kid’s fashion. The brand covers an extensive product range consisting of less expensive clothes for younger customers, elegant and chic clothes in a medium price range, high fashionable and expensive haute couture, as well as accessories, home textiles and other home decoration.

SINCE 2012




RWANDA CLOTHING will become one of the world market leaders in the African fashion segment in the next five years. Therefore our goal is to achieve the success of our international role models of the fashion market but at the same time to always remain true to our unique African fashion design and to preserve our Rwandan identity.

Our personnel is our potential – their power, their productivity and proficiency, their professionalism and passion are ours. It is possible for us when it is possible for people working for us.

As an internationally successful brand, RWANDA CLOTHING will become synonymous with African fashion and lifestyle worldwide. We represent authenticity, independence, creativity, innovation, ambition and professionalism, sense of responsibility and environmental awareness as well as what is natural and ethic. Our corporate culture is characterized by thinking globally, openness, diversity and based on trust. It utilizes flat hierarchies and promotes independent thinking and the use of ones own initiative at all levels.

Our products are truly unique. Unique African. After researching international and especially African trends by in-depth analysis of target groups and markets, RWANDA CLOTHING’s creative team, lead by Creative Director and main designer Joselyne Umutoniwase, develops up-to-date fashion designs according to a two-season cycle for Africa (spring and summer) and a four-season cycle for Europe and America (spring-summer-autumn-winter). Our patternmakers then transform these ideas into prototypes where the help of modern computer technology is becoming more and more important. Sample collections will be after displayed in the showroom of our RWANDA CLOTHING STORE and are manufactured in series according to our customer’s size and demands. When our overseas sales activities will start, we will then send the ready-made copies of the collection in international standard sizes to our trading partners relating to their orders or to one day self-owned or licensed retail stores of RWANDA CLOTHING around the world.

RWANDA CLOTHING designed by Joselyne Umutoniwase with her inspired and innovative fashion ideas is the authentic and genuine African fashion brand which brings completely new African design influences to the fashion market consisting of very fresh, beautiful, feminine/masculine and colorful designs combined with up-to-date styles and cuttings

RWANDA CLOTHING has set itself ambitious targets including considerable increases in sales and earnings. We want in particular to have extensive product expertise, strong brands, a global presence, efficient business processes, highly qualified and motivated employees, and distribution activities that are tailored to the end consumer.

The Core Team

Joselyne Umutoniwase
Founder, Managing Director, Clothing And Home Decor Designer

Antoinette Twagirayezu
Production Manager

Euphron Nshimyumuremyi
Store Manager

Clementine Nzasengimana
Store Manager

“RWANDA CLOTHING considers the interests of the customer in our business activities as its most important part. We ensure that every product of us has been produced in consideration of our strict ethic and quality principles. We carefully choose the materials for our products and produce with the highest care and attention.

RWANDA CLOTHING encourages its customers when possible to share its ethic and moral principles and to follow its way of good conduct. We believe that a better world for all of us can exist.”

Founder, Managing Director and Head Designer of RWANDA CLOTHING

“We take great care to spend the time required to design and produce the best African and international style fashion items for you in Rwanda and we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our products and our service.”

Production Manager at RWANDA CLOTHING FACTORY Kigali

“The satisfaction of our RWANDA CLOTHING customers motivates us to work even harder in order to fulfill all of their high expectations, and we are proud to have such customers because they’ve made RWANDA CLOTHING the fashion brand that we want to be.”

Store Manager at RWANDA CLOTHING STORE Kigali

“We are very fortunate at RWANDA CLOTHING to have a business that’s increasing constantly in both popularity and performance and that has now probably the most satisfied customers in Rwanda! We believe this is due to our commitment to delivering exceptional customer care and service.”

Store Manager at RWANDA CLOTHING STORE Kigali

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