The Cloth Beneath Your Clothes

The cloth beneath your clothes, hmm… You must be wondering what is it? Well through this article we are going to discover one big secret that makes you not only the best dressed Lady or Gentleman in the room but also an important quality that you need to develop in your daily life.

This powerful weapon made me the best dressed Gentleman in high school despite that we were all in school uniforms, every morning I had to put it on before I wear clothes. This same weapon reveals that you are best dressed lady in an event even you were to match your twin. Curiosity aside the weapon is none other than the confidence, as I write it again in Big and bold and you reading it loud … CONFIDENCE.

Clothes are just part of the outfit but you are the masterpiece and the main element of your style with confidence then you are the perfect Lady or Gentleman walking. But why be confident ?

Why have the confidence?

With lack of confidence then your goals and dreams have a big bump to deal with ahead.

Confidence aspires what I call the three I’s, The “I-Can”, The “I-am” and the “I-Will” and these are the main elements to differentiate you from other individuals. With confidence you can do things that you thought you couldn’t do, with confidence you can dare engage yourself in things that you feared because you know you are more than what you thought you were and with confidence you make plans with ease because you know you will reach them.

The confidence beneath your clothes.

In any event or public gathering, it is very easy to snap those confident people as they aspire this elegance that accompanies their clothing and they reflect this allure as the best dressed individuals in the room. Confidence makes the expression of the style flashier as confident individuals will walk around, interact with people and expose their clothing clearly.

Confidence as the main cloth gives value to the clothes you are wearing as not only people throw eyes to the clothes but also the stature, movements and body language of the one wearing them.

Dear readers, before wearing your planned outfit of the day, remember what to put beneath that.

Stay Safe and Sound.

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