I remember the heat that slapped my legs in the train station of New York City last summer. It was the month of first times: first time on a plane, first time on a train, first time in NYC and finally the first time I wore summer denim shorts without anyone complaining I was showing too much skin for a girl.

I was in another country and city with different values and cultures, and I knew I had to taste their freedom as much as I had dreamed of. I had to also be adventurous in fashion. I had to know what it feels like to walk in the pavements of a dynamic city with my legs soaring in the warmth of the weather. I wanted to know what it feels like to not be judged just because you free your skin in whichever way that pleases your heart. I chose to wear these shorts because it was my time to feel like the models on Pinterest in shorts.

I was hyper excited that I smiled at each and every person that met my sight. I could care less if I fell down because of spinning round and round with my head rotating above to see the end points of skyscrapers. I was happy in my denim shorts that gave me youth and liberty in the city I have always aspired to walk in. Less people may not seem to understand the importance of a pair of small shorts on my first night in NYC, but the shorts were like a little bit of salt to give savor to my adventure. It cupped my waist and fell under my hips in a way that sent chills and thrills in me.

The shorts remind me of the time I felt different and took a life changing opportunity in my life. Every moment that is significant in your life may have inspired you to wear something. Go back in your wardrobe, look at every cloth and remind yourself of the remarkable times.

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