Last night, my mama almost had a heart attack because I went out wearing socks with heels. I wondered what shock I was going to give others for the rest of the night, provided I was starting to stop heart beats, before I even close the gate behind me. Bottom line: THIS IS A RISK! Fashion risk takers may be like “who said you can’t take the risk?!”, and I’m all for it; but I’m here for a few tips and description on how to take the socks-in-heels risk better. Besides a little bit of warmth for your feet can’t kill you.

Wear the simplicity of this style on simple occasions this season, cause aunty Jane doesn’t want to see you in this on her wedding day. Know what you wear and when to wear it. It is for people that fit with the kind of personality this style fumes; the girly, the geek, the chic, the unique, the cute, and you who loves this game-changer for this December.

It matches more with that little simple cocktail dress in your ward robe, and it does it for your cutie look. See if the colors of your socks and heels go with each other; we don’t want to be mixing orange and green on a red dress, unless multicolor is your muse. This outfit will sparkle when you are hanging out with your girls, and you are under the sun shades busy being yourselves.

This kind of style is not very rocked in Kigali, but if you love it, you can do it. It not only colors your girly taste, but it adds youth in your style too. RWANDA CLOTHING showed how very possible this is in one of their 2015 collections. It is worth the risk.

Ready to warm your feet? Put on your socks, this is December!

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