A man named Larry Price once said “Evolve or Dissolve… It’s your decision”. Well, for the sake of human kind that is of course composed by their clients (*mind my winks) RWANDA CLOTHING has decided to evolve.

The new RWANDA CLOTHING STORE Kigali: woody, white, lights, music and everywhere smiling faces are at your service when your tiptoes pass their porch and your eyes will surely be mesmerized, I can bet on that. After stepping in the store on your left you may just bow or say hello to their mannequins and on your right you will spot their vintage woody table (I just love it – so classic!) full of their accessories and a huge mirror, ohh… have I expressed my love for mirrors to you? I think I am telling you a lot and I believe you will describe it better than me after going through these prettifying images.

The icing on the cake is that it is only 8 footsteps on your left from their old store and if you are eager to check out the future RWANDA CLOTHING collections and products … well you may get there in 3 strides as they are now one door away from their design atelier and workshop where visitors may not only admire and buy their clothes and accessories but also feel the freshness of the fabric straight from the designers and tailors.

The adorned, embellished, enhanced, smarten, garnished and glamorized RWANDA CLOTHING STORE Kigali is waiting for your visit.

And if you don’t find your way to the store, I’d be pleased to guide you there! Stay safe and sound!

Find here the RWANDA CLOTHING STORE Kigali

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