The Opening Of BOLD Kigali

“Love is on a Roll” said the country singer Don Williams in 1983… well that’s Love in America, Fashion in Rwanda is on a GOOD Roll, those were words from every soul who was at the BOLD Kigali opening.

It was a sunny afternoon of 19th November at the Kigali Heights building on the 1st Floor where – seduced by pleasant music, a ravishing aroma and courteous smiley beings – I ventured into the BOLD Kigali opening, passing by colourful Sonia Mugabo’s dresses and shirts on my left side and perusing some chokers and other handcrafted beautiful jewelleries from Inzuki designs on my right. I was really at a Fashionista event and then I stopped and starred, but who couldn’t?

Who couldn’t stare at such exquisite, glamorous, beguiling and beauteous beauties? No… I don’t mean ladies… I mean the set of clothes and accessories from houses like RWANDA CLOTHING, Kwesh, MOSAIC, MIZYANA, Seraphina, KUNDA, LE REFLET, KONA, UZURI K&Y and many others but who couldn’t really enjoy the scenery? This triggered my hippocampus and recalled that I had to ask what is BOLD and what is its goals in opening a branch in Kigali.

It is with a POLIAKOV vodka in my glass and some snacks prepared by “La Fleur Cuisine” fresh in my belly that I meet Ngyenzi Nunu Mugyeni, the Co-founder and director of BOLD Kampala with the vision of raising awareness of, and retailing, African brands. The BOLD Kigali is the perfect retail outlet and hub for local and regional designers and thus increasing it’s awareness, appreciation and active support of African brands, both locally and internationally and BOLD Kigali has already over twenty designers showcasing their products on it’s very first day.

Designers, Models, Artist and Visitors were all delighted with the event and I shared a talk with Mr. Denis, a visitor who enjoyed the event but mentioned to me that there were a lack of male products as he only saw some shirts but no trousers or other products. Well, the answer came from two male designers Matthew from House of Tayo and Moses from Moshions who said that their hangers were on their way to Bold Kigali.

I couldn’t finish typing without mentioning that for a place cramped with such products, it is really incommodious as the place is really small and maybe they should think of ways to expand the store but after all Abraham Lincoln said “Who has a heart to help, he has a right to criticize.”

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Stay Safe and Sound.

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