The Secret to Avoid Being a “Peacock”

“But dear Ivan, what do you mean by calling someone a peacock?” you may now ask yourself. Well let me start by defining this term: A peacock in dressing and behaving is referred to that guy who tries too hard to separate himself from the crowd but always messes up not only with his outfit but also with his conduct towards others. I believe we all know that arrogant behaving guy who hits the nightclub with sunglasses, right? That’s a peacock.

If you are reading this article I am very sure that you are not a peacock but let me give you these 3 tips and maybe you will mind your peacock friends and neighbors and share those tips with them to give them a chance to become stylish gentlemen.


  1. Dress for your body.

If you read this fashion blog frequently, I am pretty sure you did read the article that I published on 24th January 2017 and if you didn’t, then please give it some attention now ( Dressing for your body will make you stand out of the crowd just in a more James Bond’s style (and we all love James Bond I am sure).


  1. Invest in Shoes.

Recently I came across this sentence from Mr. Potter Evans: “Ladies will notice and judge you by your shoes”. I do rarely spend money for going to parties but at the end of the month before paying house rent, I am buying a new pair of shoes. As a guy who’s got the best shoes you will edge out all the other men in the room and be known for having great attention to detail and looking good from head to toe.


  1. Have Manners.

Lately I have been posting on Instagram (@Gentlemanwalkin) my A to Z of what should be defining a gentleman and I realized that I had to learn a lot more about the gentleman’s etiquette than the little that I knew about it already. One thing I learned is that you need to understand local customs and rules of conduct wherever you go. So remember the basics that you learned as a child, as for example to say please, thank you and excuse me, and develop from there your best manners in order to avoid being a peacock and become a real gentleman instead.


Truth is, I was a peacock at one point and you possibly know how much peacock you are yourself. But I believe, we are all striving to improve daily and so should we also improve our clothing and attitude as to really metamorphose into gentlemen.

Stay safe and sound.

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