“I feel free wearing this” said the American pop singer Britney Spears in a fashion gala in 1998. What Mrs. Spears wears is not different from what the Chinese actor Bruce Lee was wearing in his famous movie called “Game of Death” – only that Britney had it in black and Bruce had it in yellow. Well, now you wonder what is it? Let’s view it together and welcome again.

The jumpsuit, romper or onesie is a one-piece type of cloth with sleeves and legs. Jumpsuits are mainly worn by aviators or motor racing drivers but for many years now they have been having their place in the fashion industry with Rihanna and Celine Dion being among the style’s ambassadors on international fashion scenes. But why jumpsuits?

Simple to wear, convenient, stylish, versatile, elegant and beautiful are what characterizes RWANDA CLOTHING’s jumpsuit which is part of our new VLISCO Collection. Marked by its picky blue color mixed with pink, it is a floral, long and short sleeve, sophisticated to leg-lengthening romper. This jumpsuit is accoladed with a pinky touch that beautifies it as open-sleeves and still leaves the arms on their own and perfects the whole “decorative appliqué”.

A jumpsuit can easily be dressed up for a formal event if the style of the jumpsuit is appropriate and all you have to do is accessorize it to fit the occasion you are set to appear in, remember to add a high heel shoe and a blazer and then it will make you look more elegant and taller (and who doesn’t like that? *wink).

While Men jump in their suits, Ladies pass at our store and jump in a jumpsuit!

Stay safe and sound

See here the whole VLISCO Collection 2016: rwandaclothing.com/collection/vlisco-2016

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