Was The Ancient Rwandan Fashion Sexier Than The Current Fashion Trends?

Going back in time, Rwandans wore Impu (animal skin) and leaves to hide only their intimate parts. It was the pureness of their dressing culture where even most of their skin took part in their style. But coming to the latest decades, the Rwandan style evolution has been a mix of native African style and the modernization imported from colonization by Europe leaving Rwandans covering the whole of their bodies.

The Impu and leaves used to cover women’s thighs, falling right below their backsides (behinds), and enfolding their breasts, while leaving their legs and bellies out. It all portrayed the beauty of a woman as it is, and if brought back, many of us would perceive it as “sexy”.

Today, things have changed and most especially the styles. Rwandese are nowadays conservative when it comes to what to wear. Even though few people could have any objection about today’s fashion revolutions, it could still be arguable if the ancient Rwandan styles or ways of dressing were more attractive than the fashion of today. So what do you think about it as someone who got the eye of what gets people’s attention?

Fashion makes beauty, attraction and entertainment for people around while preserving culture. Imagine if Rwanda could still hold on to the natives of our culture while making styles. How better would that be? Rwandan men and women (especially models) showing us the value they give to our ancient fashion, and how much respect and enjoyment they give it while being confident about their bodies, and not seeing any immorality in that. It would be marking our own identities in what we wear.

Confidence makes sexy. It is only a question of the society to be open and flexible when it comes to letting go and showing some skin as our great grandparents. Moreover, today we know how to take care of our bodies; we can do as much as we can to make ourselves beautiful. So, imagine if girls would still wrap Impu portions about their hips and breasts, and men tying them only around their waists falling right below their backsides to leave their torsos and legs out. What could be sexier than that? Designers would develop from what was made in the early ages by putting in their creatives while having a growth mindset about it.

Or do you think today’s styles that doesn’t show much skin are more attractive than the early years styles? Help RWANDA CLOTHING know what you want to see on the runway fashion shows and photo-shoots, and what you think could be the most attractive fashion Era by giving your opinions in comments and sharing.

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