What Are Different Types Of Modelling?

Modelling, much like other fields, is made up of a variety of genres or types. Some types are big while others are more niches, but they’re all types of modelling nonetheless. Let’s run them down! This article comes as a follow up of the article entitled “Can I Be A Model” and also we will view its existence in our industry.


  1. High Fashion Photo Modelling

I think when people talk of modelling this is one of the first things that comes to their minds. Glossy magazine editorials, web appearances, ads for the top designer brands, gigs at top designers’ shows – this is high fashion. In Rwanda it is the second most sought type of modelling and is only done by few models and as example Alexia Uwera Mupende who modelled the special VLISCO Collection for RWANDA CLOTHING (check out at: rwandaclothing.com/collection/vlisco-2016).

  1. Runway Modelling

This is the second thing that comes to people’s minds when you mention the term modelling. It involves fashion shows, walking on the catwalk to display designer clothes and showcasing items from a particular brand or theme. In Rwanda it is the most sought type of modelling as a lot of youngsters are involved in that kind of modelling since their debut in their high schools.

  1. Commercial Modelling

This category covers many subcategories across various media, from print to TV to live events and surprisingly you don’t need to be good looking or have great portfolios – just good connections with the right people. In Rwanda many people who are used in this type of modelling are music artists and actors.

  1. Glamour Modelling

More focused on the physical appearance of the model, and thus the models here need to conform to a certain aesthetic standard. These type of modelling hasn’t really laid it’s foot in Rwanda as some models involved in the Glamour Modelling are asked to pose naked and it also does involve a lot erotic poses and that is contrary to local discipline and culture.

  1. Catalogue Modelling

Coverage depends on the kind of catalogue, but it’s mostly modelling for various products in different industries, from apparel to hardware. Models in this field are affiliated with brands and appear in their catalogues. This type of modelling is not really on the market in Rwanda but it pays well in the western world.

  1. Teen/Child Modelling

This is age-based and requires permission from the parents. Basically anyone under the age of 18 can be considered a teen model and under 12 being considered a child model. Recently RWANDA CLOTHING had a model casting for children under the age of 10 – it was the first of its kind in Rwanda and I was really curious of its outcome. After I was informed that over 30 children participated in the casting and ten child models have been chosen for the runway in the RWANDA CLOTHING fashion show of the Spring Collection 2017.

  1. Plus-size and Petite Modelling

The name very much explains it. This is a based on body type kind of modelling and here in Rwanda there is no such kind of modelling. Not yet!

  1. Fitness Modelling

For health and sports magazines mostly and could also include modelling for nutrition-related products. Models involved in this needs toned, well-built physiques. In Rwanda there are few models in the Fitness Modelling type and they often join the Runways for catwalks.


Modelling indeed comes in many different types, so there are multiple options for aspiring models in case you’re targeting specific niches or roles. Even if you’re already doing some modelling, you can always try out other types to broaden your horizons and diversify your portfolio. Who knows, you might find one you truly like after trying out a few of these types and keep your eyes on our blog as we will be specifically studying each type in our coming posts for better understanding and their role in the fashion industry in Rwanda

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