What Are Model Castings And What To Wear To One?

Last Friday RWANDA CLOTHING held a Model Casting at their store for their upcoming show and I was lucky to participate in it, but also disappointed with the unprofessionalism shown by a lot of models during the casting and very sad to see how someone (seeking for work) behaves on what is their “job interview”.

Castings are notices of modelling jobs which are made to models via different channels. They show details of the types of models required for an upcoming fashion show. This could mean a call where every model can apply (online on a form or sending their portfolios) or a date on which models introduce themselves to the client (designers, photographers, …) who will then make the final decision.

In my words, I define castings as job interviews and so should you, if you are a model. With that in mind models should behave accordingly and in a disciplined manner.

Do I need to wear a suit?

I wish it were appropriate (ohh, suits!) but helas… NO! The text inviting models to RWANDA CLOTHING STORE had the words: “Please come dressed naturally…” and yes that is the secret: “Simple and Natural”. Your clothes should be simple and your appearance natural. As a model, I pretty much wear the same things on every casting I attend, I just put on a plain T-Shirt, jeans and black boots.

The secret is: wear something simple, good looking on you and clean of course. For a male model just try a plain T-shirt, jeans, a matching belt and dress shoes and for ladies same style with High-heels type of shoes if you are set to walk a mock runway or in little black flattering dress and please be natural with no wigs, no distracting jewelleries, short hair combed and long hairs in a pony tail style.

Remember that a casting call is simply a call for a job interview so make sure that you value it by expressing an appropriate attitude and be clothed well. That is not to say that you cannot look sharp for a casting – feel free to dress it up and look your best if you feel – but in the main scheme of things, keep it simple and natural.

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