What Is Mirror Work And How To Master It?

Any successful model knows that just staring blankly into a camera and having a pretty face is not nearly enough to be considered great at their job. The expressions you use when being photographed convey all sorts of emotions, and depending on the demands of the particular job you are doing, these expressions can make or break the success of the campaign.

So, how can you know if the expressions you are making are conveying what you intend them to or if you are totally off-track and making a photographer’s job way harder than it has to be?

A photographer will often give you instructions and feedback on how you are posing and how your poses are translating on camera, but you can do your part by making sure you are working with them, rather than against their instructions. To save photographers the extra work of correcting everything you do, make sure you know your own face and how it moves before heading into a photo shoot. One of the best ways to master your expressions and movements is by doing mirror work. Mirror work is the practice of watching yourself in the mirror and doing several different poses and expressions so that you can gain muscle memory to recall what those poses feel like so you can easily re-create them when you’re in front of the camera.

Here are 3 ways to do it:

  1. Practise daily in front of a mirror and try to find your perfect pose.
  2. Master the pose you liked and have a lot of them in mind
  3. Re-create the poses that you liked in front of the camera.


This is not only for models, but any other photo-enthusiasts must know the mirror work tricks and since I have started using this technique I can witness that my posing game evolved and I no longer have to fight with photographers (and they love the new me, hahah!).

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