“Halt!” And the following thing they will ask you is your ID card cause those are the security personnel at a dancing night club or simply government officials when they are about to sign you some really important papers (well that’s how it is in Kigali). Yes, we all have that identification card (shorten as “ID”) which holds our information and identifies us among other citizens of which we share the nationality. But that is not the type of ID we are going to look at in this article. This one is far better!!

What is your style ID?

We all need and wear clothes but ask yourself why you like or don’t like some clothes or clothing accessories, as some would go for long floral print dress with ruffles, pearl drop earrings, charm bracelet and a pair of sequined sandals and others go for cropped leather jacket, black skinny jeans, bold and bright colored top, studded platform shoes and when it gets to shoes some ladies may just deep their toes in simple ballerina flats and others may go for designer pumps and also some men would like to look like James Bond and others believe that Kanye West’s style is better.

All that above to show you that we all have different tastes and preferences but today we are not viewing which style but what guides you to the style that you like and that is: “LISTEN TO YOURSELF”. I hope I am not sounding too nerdy but you are the one who decide your style ID and that means you can also change it anytime you want.


I have collected for you five questions that will help you to closely analyze yourself:

Q1: When going shopping with friends, what would you most likely wear?

Q2: What color are most of your clothes and why those colors?

Q3: What is your ultimate favorite pair of shoes and why that kind of shoes?

Q4: When you shop for clothes, what do you look for?

Q5: Where do you usually shop and who do you shop with?


If you can properly answer those questions then BANG! – you know your style ID.

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