You show respect to grand ceremonies like weddings by what you wear. Fashion is a very important part of such events; that’s why people see you in a flawless dress down the road on Saturday, and they guess you are hitting a wedding. For those who are faithful to big ceremonies, what do you wear and what don’t you wear?

Suppose today is your sister’s wedding, and you have no problem because your wardrobe is full of clothes. It is good that you have so many splendid outfits, but not all of them are meant to be worn in a wedding. Wear decent and classy outfits to look as grand as the event. The long dresses and cute short cocktail dresses may be go-to outfits. You may also want to try other outfits like: Pencil skirt with a matching tight crop-top or a jumpsuit. Stay away from a very tight and very short dress or skirt because they may make heads turn to you instead of the bride, while this is not your day to show off your beautiful legs. The very short and tight dresses and skirts are not meant to be worn in events that are very respectful and grand; you may want to wear that when you are out for partying and clubbing. Men better forget about their favorite jeans or their short-sleeve shirt they wear every Tuesday; today is a tuxedo day.

The color of your outfit is important too, in case you have forgotten. Wear one to three colors; do not exceed to make yourself bubbly with colors, unless the wedding theme is: MULTI-COLOR. Wear fancy colors that goes with your skin tone. If your skin is dark, pick colors like white, blue or grey, and if you are a light skinned then go for a navy blue, a red velvet or a military green. Avoid loud animal print textures because they definitely don’t look ceremonial, and they are better off worn in an Urban-Boys’ concert. For men, it is a good idea to keep the colors of your suits less screamy. Do not pick electric colors because they might look less masculine.

Let’s not forget our cultural kitenge print; this is totally allowed. A kitenge dress, high waist pant, cocktail or pencil skirt and even a great suit for men can all be a great style idea for a wedding. Even though African prints seem colorful, they can still be classy and elegant.

RWANDA CLOTHING in which we can trust can make sure we attend the weddings in our perfect looks. Just go for it, and it will go beyond your expectations.

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